The Powerhandz Powersuit by Universal Performance Provides Full-Body Resistance Training

Year after year, coaches look to find ways to improve their program within the limited amount of time they have to work with their players. One of the areas where this can be especially challenging is within the strength and conditioning program. Often times the coaching staff struggles to get the necessary work in while still covering all the bases as they prepare their players to perform.

The Powerhandz Powersuit by Universal Performance is the next generation in advanced football strength and conditioning. This patent-pending suit gives coaches a simple yet powerful tool to ramp up their S&C program and challenge their players. The suit allows for functional resistance training without altering drills coaches already have in place. The suit is made with unique fabric that has 1.25 lbs woven directly into the material on each side of the chest, each side of the upper back and over each shoulder blade, as well as 2.5 lbs wrapped around each thigh. By capitalizing on this even weight distribution, players can develop core strength and engage their stabilizing muscles no matter what they are doing – even if they are simply standing still.

By performing normal activities and work outs at full speed in the suit, players’ every movement helps them to become more powerful and explosive as they force their muscles to fire as if the added weight wasn’t there – developing muscle memory which will greatly enhance their athletic performance once the suit is removed.

Powerhandz Powersuit Benefits


Develops Higher Levels of Endurance

Develops Core Strength

Increases Explosiveness

Fosters Healthy Upright Posture

Burns Fat From The Core Out

Allows Full Range Of Motion

Increases Vertical Leap

Encourages Proper Breathing


As you can see from the video below, players reap all the added benefits of wearing the Powerhandz Powersuit without wasting any focus or mental energy. They simply put on the suit and go to work – the suit does the rest.

Universal Performance created the Powerhandz Powersuit with one goal in mind: to design and engineer an unparalleled, fully­ functional resistance training suit. The result of their vision gives coaches the physical and psychological tool they need to develop superior performance and sustainable fitness on and off the field.

Discounts are available for team orders!

Don’t let your team get left behind!  Add the Powerhandz Powersuit to your players’ strength and conditioning program today.

The Powerhandz Powersuit is the Next Generation in Advanced Sports and Fitness Training!

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