Sparta Science Unlocks The Data To Power Player Resilience & Availability To Minimize Injury

Over 200 NFL players ended their 2018-2019 season on Injured Reserved. That means roughly 12 percent of every player who earned the opportunity to play professional football on one of the NFL’s 32 active rosters was robbed of that chance because of injuries. It’s an ugly, undeniable problem – and these are just the NFL numbers.

The sad reality is that most coaches feel powerless to do anything about injuries, regardless of the level of players they work with. Every coach will be forced to deal with injuries more than they’d care to over the course of their career. Fortunately, Sparta Science can not only help coaches make their players more resilient, but also increase their athletic performance.

The Sparta Platform™ enables football coaches to measure and optimize player performance, minimize injury risk and safely speed recovery. With Sparta, coaches can assess prospective talent, identify injury risks and project future performance using the same scan technology used by the NFL Scouting Combine, Pro NFL and Collegiate Division I teams.

The Sparta Jump Scan™

The 60 second Sparta Jump Scan™ helps gauge a player’s injury risk from a vertical jump measured on a force plate. Based on this quick, easy scan, Sparta’s software provides coaches with an objective measure of movement health and projects a player’s performance capabilities using position-specific trends and profiles.

The Sparta Jump Scan™ is a full musculoskeletal assessment, providing organizations with:

  • Quantifiable, ACTIONABLE injury risk assessments
  • Quickly identifying Performance attributes
  • Validating Your Programming and RTP Protocols
  • Recruiting and Talent ID (Official Assessment at the NFL Combine)

Power In Numbers

Sparta’s assessments can help identify fatigue and improve athlete availability and safety. Sparta’s comparative, anonymous database of nearly 1 million scans has helped professional organizations save $12.1 million by minimizing injuries and reducing insurance costs.


Collegiate & Professional Sports Organizations


Injuries In The Sparta Database


Individuals Scanned


Completed Scans


Sparta Science is currently being used at some of the most respected programs in the country, including schools in the Pac-12, ACC, WCC, Big 12, Big 10, Atlantic 10, AAC, SEC and the Ivy League. Take a look at some of the many programs that are already maximizing their availability with Sparta Science:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Washington Redskins
  • Auburn University
  • Clemson University
  • Ohio State University
  • Wake Forest University

  • UCLA
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Kansas
  • University of San Francisco
  • Villanova University


The Sparta Signature™

In addition to helping minimize the impact of injuries, Sparta also gives coaches objective feedback on their players’ athletic improvement. Their integrated technology provides coaches with a Movement Signature that allows coaches to understand how players are performing during each phase of an athletic movement.

Whether it be juking a defender, making a tackle, holding a block or diving for the pylon, players must create force, transfer the force and express the force they created. The same deficiencies and strengths that coaches see in their player’s Sparta Signature, will also be found in the way they sprint, cut, jump or throw.

“Our partnership with Sparta Science will help us toward our ultimate goal of better achieving and monitoring performance as well as prescribing and tracking rehabilitation to help keep our athletes on the field.”Garrett Giemont, S&C Coordinator, Pittsburgh Steelers

How It Works

The Sparta Software provides scientifically validated assessments to assist coaches in addressing the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete. It’s a simple, three-step process:


Validated scientific assessments determine an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.


The Sparta Software compares an athlete’s results to their robust database and delivers actionable insights.


Validated prescriptions are tailored to each athlete to reduce injury and improve performance.



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