ScoreVision’s Scalable Jumbotrons Provide Elite Gameday Experience, Fundraising Freedom

Budgets for football and other athletic programs seem to always be shrinking, making an upgrade to a multimedia LED scoreboard seem out of reach. Fortunately, ScoreVision offers a valuable service to help schools fundraise with digital advertising on their LED sports scoreboards.

Fundraising has always been looked at as tedious and difficult, but that’s changing because of ScoreVision. Businesses love getting involved with the ad sequencing offered through their LED scoreboard systems because not only are they able to benefit from digital advertising on the newest technology, but they are able to support the school, students, and community who are being impacted by the capabilities of the multimedia displays.

Check out the video below to see how schools are not only upgrading to state-of-the-art, atmosphere-elevating new scoreboards, but also taking their fundraising to unprecedented new heights in the process.

Six Easy Steps To Better Fundraising With ScoreVision:

Simply looking for enough sponsorships to pay for new multimedia scoreboards? Looking to fund a revitalization of your athletics program? No matter whether your school’s goal is simple or complex, the team at ScoreVision can help you set a realistic goal that works for your unique situation.

Based on your fundraising goal, put together a basic outline of how to obtain it. Considering past fundraising successes, and how other schools in your area have increased revenue could be a great place to start. Once you have a basic idea of how you would like to move forward, get the pros at ScoreVision involved.

ScoreVision offers a team of Digital Media Sales (DMS) representatives that is available to help customers raise money by selling advertising inventory on the ScoreVision system to sponsors. ScoreVision multimedia displays incorporate unique digital ad sequencing technology into the scoreboard experience which increases fan engagement and awareness. Their systems can show both static ads and animated video ads on the LED scoreboards as well as provide exposure to sponsors on their Fan App.

It’s important to tailor your advertising options based on what your potential sponsors would be interested in. What does your community need? What opportunities get them excited? Making small changes to the tiers the ScoreVision team provides will go a long way towards setting you up for success.

Reach out to vendors that your school is already working with, or has done business with in the past. Pre-existing relationships are always a great place to start, and usually have a very high success rate. Don’t stop there! Reach out to businesses with ties to the school’s students, parents, and staff members, or other local businesses that are prominent in the area.

Delivering for sponsors on the promised benefits is important, but there are extra (optional) steps which can generate even more sponsorship revenue. Capitalizing on these additional, unexpected benefits can be done in several creative ways, including:

• Writing simple announcer scripts with promotional content

 • Hosting sponsored theme nights at home games

• Having cheerleaders or band members pass out inexpensive branded items like sunglasses, tee shirts, hats, etc…

• Sending weekly email blasts to the school highlighting the sponsors and themes of upcoming games

• Combining sponsorships with the school or team website

How Sycamore High School Exceeded Their Fundraising Goals with ScoreVision:

ScoreVision makes recommendations about sponsorship ads, levels, and pricing that can then be edited and personalized to your school and preferences. They'll even help identify key businesses to reach out to. 

Every school and area is different, and that's why ScoreVision will work with you to make sure your strategy fits. Some schools pay off their new scoreboards in as little as a few days, while it may take other schools a few months. When DMS partners with a new school, their goal is to have the outstanding balance funded in 3 months.

No matter your budget, ScoreVision can help you bring an amazing multimedia scoreboard experience to your football program. Pump up your culture with an amazing game-day experience and a fundraising program that's tailor-made for the information age.

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