S.A.F.E.Clip Absorbs G-Force From Facemask Collisions

Mayfield Athletics S.A.F.E.ClipFor more than a year, Mayfield Athletics — maker of the S.A.F.E.Clip — has been making its presence felt within the football safety market. Football coaches are taking note, because the impact-absorbing facemask clip designed to reduce G-forces from facemask collisions is helping coaches increase safety during practices and games.

First, it’s important to establish when concussions can occur. Steven Broglio, director of the Neurotrauma Research Laboratory and assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology, conducts research in this area. His research uses helmet sensors to measure impacts and shows that an average high school player takes roughly 650 impacts, with a maximum of more than 2,000 per football season. A concussion occurs at roughly 90 to 100 G-force.

The S.A.F.E.Clip, which is produced by Mayfield Athletics, is a facemask clip designed to dramatically improve the impact-absorbing potential of a standard silicone or plastic facemask clip. It reduces g-force at the point of impact on a facemask that occurs during tackles and collisions. The “magic” takes place inside the patented visco-elastic membrane of the S.A.F.E.Clip, which is housed inside a thermoplastic body.

Independent testing demonstrated that the S.A.F.E.Clip dampened blows to the face and diminished the G-forces before they could reach head/neck area. On top of that, the S.A.F.E.Clip can be retrofitted to more than 94% of existing helmet/facemask configurations without alteration to facemask or helmet.

Here are the important statistics coaches should take away from the S.A.F.E.Clip:

  • Up to 24% G-force reduction in lateral motion over a standard facemask clip during a facemask collision.
  • Up to 28% G-force reduction in rotational motion over a standard facemask clip during a facemask collision.
  • Up to 12% G-force reduction in rotational motion at a 45-degree angle over a standard facemask clip during a facemask collision.

These numbers are significant.

“S.A.F.E.Clip allows the facemask to slightly move backward and absorb the impact forces through a Sorbothane insert inside of the S.A.F.E.Clip,” says Rich Williams, Co-Founder and COO of Mayfield Athletics. “These forces are absorbed and reduced, and then the facemask returns to its original position and is ready for the next hit. All of this happens within a fraction of a second. It’s remarkable in its simplicity and effectiveness.”

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