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Royal Basket Trucks: Experts In Efficiency Through Simplicity

Royal Basket Trucks knows that there’s no more valuable asset for coaches and equipment managers than time. Teams that are able to make the most of the time they have to practice, study film and prepare have a clear competitive advantage over programs that fail to be efficient. This simple distinction often proves to be the difference between a team that excels and one that just can’t seem to break away from the pack.

Coaches spend much of their offseason and downtime looking for ways to get more out of every aspect of the way the program conducts business. There are all sorts of scheduling apps, team messaging services and high-tech software designed to make life easier, but sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most valuable.

Since 1982, Royal Basket Trucks® has been the preeminent supplier of necessary and effective solutions for coaches and equipment managers all over the country. They provide durable, well-designed containers on wheels that cut down a staff’s time invested in collecting, sorting and transporting a wide variety of different equipment — no matter your specific team’s needs.

“That’s why we build to order. We’re much different that way,” Cindy Lapidakis, Royal’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing says. “We want you to have absolutely the best experience with our products.”

One of Royal’s most popular solutions — their premium- quality, lined basket trucks — are not overly complicated to use, but their convenience removes a lot of unnecessary steps from the workflow of the football staff. They can be color coded according to the staff’s needs and rolled right into place so that the players can do all of the sorting for uniforms and pads as they take them off.

“Oftentimes, things are collected, and it’s all in one bin,” Lapidakis explains. “Let’s talk about how many times you touch things during this process. If you can separate those touches, you improve your process efficiency.”

The solutions Royal offers aren’t limited to just organization and transportation within the team facility. They make trucks with lids and heavy-duty poly trucks to not only take the guesswork out of sorting equipment, but also from transporting it.

Why take all of the steps at home to make sure the process is smooth and efficient, only to find yourself reinventing a new process every time you go on the road? With Royal Basket Trucks, you can maintain the same workflow, the same instructions for players and the same easy transition to getting equipment clean, organized and ready to use again — all while continuing to save valuable time.

“Some of the teams that use our trucks have taken that post-game clean up and preparation for transport process from 25 minutes or more down to just five minutes,” Lapidakis says. “That’s valuable. The speed at which you can get your people in and out of that environment and back to business is really important.”

The last problem coaches want to spend time trying to solve is how they are going to keep up with laundering player gear or ensuring all the equipment that’s supposed to make it to the big game, actually does make it to the big game. That’s just not the type of work coaches signed up to do. But consider this, if you could have a company on your side that was an expert in making all those problems go away — the type of ally who loves doing all that behind-the- scenes dirty work so that you don’t have to — wouldn’t you want them on your team?

That’s what Royal Basket Trucks is all about. Increase your efficiency. Save time. Win more games.

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