ProVectra Trains And Enhances Football Vision

See the ball. Get the ball.

Make the read. Make the throw.

Find the gap. Run to daylight.

These are all basic elements of football that players work to improve on every day. Those that can compress the process of reading and reacting become the kind of players who are difference makers.

Coaches work tirelessly year-round to find and develop players who always seem to be one step ahead. While many would describe these players as having “good instincts” or “great vision”, what they fail to realize is that these skills can be trained, learned and enhanced.

If A Player Has To Think Before They React, It’s Already Too Late!

Dr. Bob Orsillo, Founder, ProVectraPlayers who need to think before they react lack “good instincts”, thinking takes time, then the action or reaction is too late. “Great vision” is the ability of the player to see all the field with the skill to recognize critical situations coupled with “good instincts” puts that player in “the Zone”

Nature and evolution created a lightning fast neural pathway designed for survival described as the “fight or flight” pathway.  It is this pathway that involves “instincts” and vision that combine to create lighting processing and reaction time.

Just as players have become larger, stronger, and better conditioned to endure the physical demands of the game, so too it is time to strengthen and condition the vision, mind, and motor nervous systems to meet the rapid and complex demands of the game. ProVectra is a system combining the research of Dr. Bob Orsillo and the software engineering skills of Kikoda, LLC to meet this challenge.

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