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Porta Phone Introduces Coach-To-Player Communication Tool

If you’re a coach that feels like “simpler is better,” then check out “the CLIP,” from Porta Phone, a new teaching tool that provides wireless coach-to-player communication.

At the heart of all CLIP systems is the CLIP itself, a miniature speaker that can be worn either on the athlete’s jersey or placed elsewhere. It can be used in multiple sports for communication. For example, outside of football, it could be clipped to the goal netting in soccer, hockey or lacrosse.

Coaches can talk hands-free through their headset and they have the ability to mute their voice automatically. Setting the CLIP volume allows coaches to talk to single player or a larger group, such as all players within a football huddle.

The CLIP receiver is unique because it is worn outside of the helmet. Coaches looking for a unique way to communicate with players can opt to use the complete coach-to-player football system featuring a Porta Phone GOLD series wireless headset. Pricing starts at $795. Standard systems with a lightweight EDGE headset cost $345.

“Football coaches from Division I FBS through high school are using Porta Phone wireless mid-week to drill game-day staff communication,” says John Hooper, President, Porta Phone. “The Porta Phone CLIP takes this growing trend to the next level by providing coaches wireless voice communication to players on the practice field, making it an invaluable teaching tool.”

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Because these systems are field-programmable, adding additional CLIP receivers can be done at any time at a cost of $130 each. Rechargeable batteries, charger, and a padded soft side case for convenient storage and transport are included.

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