Polar Team Pro Creates Ultimate Solution For Performance Tracking

Polar Team Pro combines GPS and motion tracking technology with heart rate monitoring to create the ultimate solution for player performance tracking in team sports. Follow your team’s training in real time on your iPad. Get invaluable and accurate training data for analysis for everyone in your coaching staff. 

The Polar Team Pro system uses a sensor that collects live data from your team’s training and delivers it to the Team Pro app on your iPad. The sensor monitors heart rate and heart rate variability and tracks movement with GPS and motion sensor fusion technology. This sensor can easily be integrated into the Polar Team Pro shirt, which comes with integrated heart rate sensor material and a designated pocket for the sensor. 
The Polar Team Pro Dock then syncs offline training data from the Polar Team Pro sensors to the Team Pro app. Coaches can use the dock to recharge both the Polar Team Pro sensors and the iPad.
Coaches can monitor their team’s real-time training data, compare players, get training summaries and analyze performance right after a training session on the Polar Team Pro app, which supports live performance data for up to 60 players. Polar also offers a Team Pro web service, a cloud-based software and database solution for long term data management, which enables coaches to customize their training and get even better results.

“The live data flow that the Polar Team solution allows for, has revolutionized my programming and performance training. The clarity of the data takes the guesswork out of what I, as a sports performance coach, am communicating to the head coach about the internal response of the athletes. It mitigates the risk of injury sustained by overreaching/overtraining, which is paramount to have success late in the season.”


-Megan Young Assistant S&C Coach Auburn University

Video: Polar Team Pro In Action

Polar brings 40 years of experience and a proud heritage in physiological and sports medical research to help maximize player performance as well as assess objective coaching. With over 150 NCAA teams and over 70 pro teams using Polar’s technology, programs across the country have discovered the difference Polar TeamPro can make. Here are the key features your program will benefit from with Polar TeamPro:

Polar Heart Rate Zones
Monitor your team’s effort and performance and make sure your team trains at the right intensity level at each training session.
Individual Training
Combine the data from your team sessions with the data from each player’s personal workouts to get the full picture of each player’s training. You’ll also be able to view their daily activity, sleep and recovery status.
Polar Speed Zones
Speed zones allow you to define the intensity of a training session with speed or pace. You can edit the zones in the Team Pro web service. Speed zones are customizable for different sports.
Monitor the number of sprints each player takes during a training session.
Training Load
The Training Load value makes training sessions easily comparable. You get a training load value from each training session, and you’ll be able to see how a short high intensity session compares to a longer low intensity session. Training Load also gives you an estimate of recovery time.
Recovery Status
Recovery status is an estimate of a player’s state of recovery. It is based on the cumulative load from training and daily activity and it helps find the right balance between training and rest. (Polar M400, M430, V800 required)

“From hardware, to software, to technical support team – you will not find a more complete system or organization dedicated to assisting you than Polar and TeamPro.” 


-Mike Bewley, MA, CSCS, SSN, USAW-I Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning

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