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Steve Troyano knows locker room installations. As Product Manager for wood and phenolic lockers for List Industries, he has completed locker room installs for the Los Angeles Rams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Cincinnati Reds to name just a few top-shelf organizations. With just a two-day lead time, the Miami Heat ordered three lockers from List Industries that needed install before the team could open training camp. He made it work.

“There was a lot of pressure to get that job done well and get it done on time,” says Troyano. “List Industries is not your typical locker manufacturer. We try to have lockers in stock at different distribution centers around the U.S. We have seven distribution centers and that makes us unique, because it makes us agile and flexible.”

For football coaches at the high school and college level, Troyano is careful to remind us that just because List Industries serves some of the biggest organizations in professional sports, deep down, it’s about serving the customer in a fast and accurate manner, no matter the size of the program or organization.

List Industries Recruiter 2Quick-Ship Meets Custom Quality

The secret to this success is the Recruiter 2 Custom Sport Locker from List Industries. It enjoys the status of being — at the same time — a prefabricated locker the company can store in distribution centers and a locker that can be configured and accessorized to achieve a unique aesthetic.

“List Industries has a full line of quick-ship Recruiter 2 lockers right now,” says Troyano. “With the Recruiter 2, we’ve taken the quality of a custom locker and made it quick-ship, so normally, we can ship out anywhere from one to 25 lockers in one week from our distribution center in Munster, Ind. From 26 to 50 lockers, we’re talking about two weeks.”

Installing the lockers is a snap. List Industries can fit 96 fully-assembled lockers on a 53-foot semi-trailer. With typical football locker room installations topping out around 120 lockers, all that’s required to get these lockers on-site and ready for install is two truck shipments, a forklift and a loading dock.

“With the quick-ship Recruiter 2, we can add black seat cushions, name plate holders and shoulder-pad holders,” says Troyano. “This is a ‘set-back’ model. It’s 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 84 inches tall. The locker comes as an 81-inch locker and you build a wood sleeper base from two-by- fours, laid on the flat, which give you a 3-inch toe kick. The locker sits on top of the sleeper base. Once you build that sleeper base straight across the wall, you screw into the foot locker and you anchor into that wood sleeper base. You can also anchor to the wall if you wish. Then the lockers anchor to each other for an incredibly sturdy and well-built locker platform.”

The Recruiter 2 comes in four additional models as well: full-panel, half curve, full curve and slant. It’s extremely affordable and comes in red oak, maple, cherry or mahogany. Corner fillers, front fillers, left- and right-end panels, they come with everything needed to finish the installation job.

Accessorizing the lockers is where it gets fun, because List Industries’ ability to add accessories makes the Recruiter 2 Custom Sport Locker not only a great value but a showpiece for any locker room in America. The locker comes with a security box, so you start with a padlock hasp on it.

“You can have a built-in combination lock by Master Lock or you can have a digital lock made by Hallowell,” says Troyano. “All are great options. On the door, you can have an engraved school logo or a full-color UV logo, which is a great touch. If you want a USB outlet in the security box, we can add that for you. Your electrician can run drop-cables to each location — which we give to you in the shop drawings — and we will pull those drop cables through the electrical box, tie them off and hand-off the USB outlets to your electrician for final connections. As for project management, we are involved with the installation from soup to nuts.”

For more information on Recruiter 2 Custom Sport Lockers, visit www.listindustries.com and click on the wood locker tab. That will take you to specifications, drawings and other useful information. To speak with Steve Troyano directly, call him at 843-371-4790.

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