One Scoreboard, Every Sport: A Modern Approach To Multisport Scoreboards

The traditional multisport scoreboards on the market today are a wasted opportunity. These outdated, boring and unimaginative scoreboards are often difficult to operate, confusing to read and don't add any value to the athletic department other than displaying the score. Worse still, the football program has to share this archaic technology with several other sports, often without the flexibility to display relevant information in a way suited to each sport. 

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way for football coaches to use their scoreboard to improve gametime experience, program culture and fundraising potential - all while making it easier than ever to share these benefits with other sports?

Traditional Multisport Scoreboard

Photo: Traditional Multisport Scoreboard

Unlike fixed-digit multisport scoreboards, ScoreVision’s all-LED jumbotron displays completely customize the scoreboard layout to whatever sport is being played on the field – with just one tap of a button.

Not only does the scoreboard present a view that is optimized for each specific sport, but the ScoreVision Scorekeeper App taps into a sport’s “logic” – offering an understanding of the sport and specific game rules – which makes the scorekeeper's job incredibly intuitive. They simply launch the sport’s Scorekeeper App and the scoreboard is ready for play!

ScoreVision currently supports a wide variety of outdoor sports with their suite of custom iPad and web-based apps.

With more and more schools using their outdoor space for multiple sports on the same field, a ScoreVision system SAVES coaches from:

  • Rigging a traditional scoreboard for a sport it doesn’t really support
  • Purchasing additional scoreboards for each sport
  • Dealing with the hassle of temporary scoreboards

ScoreVision displays are optimized for football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and more!

Check out the custom layouts for these sports below:

Make Your Players Feel Like Pros

In addition to effortlessly supporting all your sports with the scoreboard functionality you expect, ScoreVision scoreboard layouts incorporate innovative features including sport animations and player accolades. ScoreVision’s scorekeeping apps make it easy to recognize your players, reinforce your culture and generate an exciting home-field atmosphere.

Check out a sampling of some awesome animations below:

Go Beyond A Great Gametime Experience

ScoreVision displays support more than just athletic events. They can be used for a wide variety of alternative uses, like movie nights, marching band competitions, pep rallies, and so much more!

Click the link below to learn how your school can benefit from a ScoreVision LED jumbotron scoreboard and software system.

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