NEW Cobalt PLUS Offers More Flexibility, Coach-To-Player Communication

In order to fill a need for coaches looking to invest in the highest quality communication systems without breaking the bank, CoachComm introduced CoachComm COBALT, a coaching headset system that delivers performance at a price point everyone can afford.

The response from the coaching community has been exceptional. It turns out, coaches get excited when you don’t ask them to compromise on quality to find a system they can afford. But rather than rest on the success of the Cobalt System, CoachComm has taken all of the aspects coaches love and added even more features, including a new coach-to-player product that’s changing how teams all over the country are practicing.

CoachComm’s NEW Cobalt PLUS coaching headset system offers more users, more flexibility, and all of the same comfort, ease-of-use and audio performance you’ve come to expect from CoachComm.

[Watch] – Adam Frank at AFCA 2020 Discusses the NEW Cobalt PLUS System

Cobalt PLUS enables coaches to communicate with players during practice using the NEW Cobalt PLUS Player Receiver. Coaches can maximize practice time and help push the tempo on the practice field. More reps means better practice. Better practice means more wins – it’s that simple.

Cobalt PLUS Features
  • Unlimited users
  • Up to 6 Channels
  • Compatible with the new Cobalt PLUS Player Pack
  • Includes the exclusive D-1 SmartBoom PRO headset
  • New coach-friendly interface
  • No Base Station required
  • Easy setup
  • Enhanced, next-level signal delivery
  • Improved performance in tough RF environments

SmartBoom PRO Headsets

Of course, the CoachComm Cobalt PLUS system comes standard with the same SmartBoom PRO headsets that are preferred by most D1 coaches today. These headsets provide exceptional comfort, durability, and outstanding audio performance in the most demanding playing environments.

SmartBoom technology allows the microphone boom to act as an On/Off switch for quick microphone muting. Additionally, the headset provides high ambient-noise reduction and produces high-quality audio using a unidirectional electret microphone that is optimized for voice communications to provide voice clarity in loud stadiums.

The headsets also feature a low clamping force and soft ear cup padding which means less “squeeze” on the user’s head and less fatigue on their ear.

SmartBoom Headset Features:

  • Outstanding audio quality with enhanced acoustic isolation
  • Rugged and durable, yet comfortable for long periods of wear
  • Sleek, low profile design available in single and dual-ear model
  • Ear cup offers premium sponsorship branding space
  • Electret, noise-cancelling unidirectional microphone
  • Flexible, ambidextrous swiveling mic boom
  • Raising the boom mutes the Mic
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Detachable cable
  • Cable terminated with Dual Mini (3.5 mm TRRS)

communication without compromise

With the power of Cobalt PLUS, coaches can now experience communication without compromise. Stop worrying about getting your headsets to work and ask yourself, why your headsets aren’t working for you. Get the most out of your coaching headsets, with Cobalt PLUS.

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