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Coaches and equipment managers at every level of the game deal with the same problem every year. Laundry! It's everyone's least favorite chore, and it can steal countless hours of valuable time if it isn't run efficiently. The last thing coaches need to worry about is whether they have enough clean uniforms, if everyone has the right uniform, or worse yet, reordering uniform items because they have been misplaced or lost. To put an end to this constant struggle, Laundry Loops has developed a smart, easy way to streamline laundry organization and efficiency.


Laundry Loops allow clothes to wash and dry as if they were loose, but stay sorted throughout the laundry process. This eliminates the need to sort garments as they come out of the dryer, minimizing lost items. Compared to the mesh bag method, Laundry Loops allow clothes to get thoroughly clean and cut drying time, energy consumption and utility costs in half. The patented Sock Snare is the only efficient means available to secure multiple socks of varied thicknesses throughout the laundry process.

Using Laundry Loops is so simple. There are just three easy steps to never worrying about laundry again.

1. Socks
Lay socks through loop of drawstring and snugly secure cord lock.
2. Shirt(s)
Thread Laundry Loops through shirt openings.
3. Pants
Thread Laundry Loops through leg openings or belt loops.
Secure the side-release buckle, then wash and dry normally.

“The ‘Cadillac’of laundry devices.”

Equipment Manager SEC Conference
Here are a few of the many benefits of using Laundry Loops:
  • Eliminates the need to sort loose garments
  • More efficient than using mesh laundry bags
  • Improves cleaning & sanitation
  • Dries clothes in one-half the time
  • Conserves energy
  • Reduces costs
  • Minimizes wrinkles in clothing
  • Adds years to dryer life
  • Outlasts mesh bags

“My drying time has been cut in half.”

Equipment Manager Pac-12 Conference

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