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How a Jumbotron Transforms Your High School Stadium Into a Professional Arena

Today’s football fans expect an amazing experience when they attend sporting events, and a fixed-digit metal box scoreboard simply can’t live up to the expectations of today’s fans. Explore how upgrading your traditional football scoreboard to a ScoreVision multimedia jumbotron can transform your football stadium into a professional arena!

Rich Multimedia Features

In professional arenas, the amazing experience that today’s fans expect is delivered through an immersive combination of lights, sound, and video. A ScoreVision multimedia jumbotron helps you deliver this immersive experience at your own football stadium through its rich multimedia features, including sport-specific animations, live video feed, one-touch player accolades, and animated player profiles.

  • Get the crowd excited with sport-specific animations that highlight every play, like “First Down”, “Defense”, and “Touchdown”.
  • Showcase anything from instant replays and season highlights to halftime marching band and dance team performances through a live video feed.
  • Recognize players for incredible plays with one-touch player accolades right from our easy-to-use Football Scorekeeper App.
  • Elevate your starting lineup or recognize individual players with animated player profiles.

Check out all of these features in action in this short video!

Supports Community Events

Don’t let your football stadium sit idle during the week when games aren’t in play. A ScoreVision multimedia jumbotron allows you to host any number of community events in your stadium – think movie nights, concerts, fundraisers, marching band competitions, and more – all elevated using ScoreVision’s easy-to-use event production software and multimedia jumbotron system.

Keeps Fans Engaged – Wherever They Are

Whether fans are in the stands, at home, or on the other side of the country, they can stay in the know with ScoreVision’s Fan App. The ScoreVision Fan App for iPhone and Android delivers real-time game stats for any game played at a stadium with a ScoreVision system. Plus, the Fan App displays the same ads as your multimedia scoreboard, so your advertisers and sponsors get additional reach – helping to bring back their support year after year.

Generates Money For Your Program

ScoreVision multimedia jumbotrons are already one of the most affordable video scoreboard options on the market for football stadiums, but they can also become a revenue-generating system. Schools across the country have alleviated fundraising challenges by raising tens of thousands of dollars for their athletic programs through the digital advertising capabilities of a ScoreVision system.

This number can be increased even further by following in the footsteps of professional arenas and adding in sponsored segments to your announcer scripts, facilitating sponsored giveaways, fan activities, and theme nights, plus any number of creative ideas that your school’s students may have. Better yet, providing a professional-level fan experience at your football games doesn’t just bring in additional sponsorship dollars – it can also increase ticket sales and concession stand sales! The immersive experience of professional arenas provided by ScoreVision jumbotrons is helping schools to attract advertisers ranging from local businesses to large, national corporations – and these sponsorship dollars can help sustain your football program for years to come!

Schools across the country are finding incredible success transforming their football stadiums into professional arena experiences with ScoreVision football jumbotrons. To learn how your school can benefit from a ScoreVision jumbotron football scoreboard and software system, request a demo.



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