Skutt Catholic High School Scoreboard

Jumbotron Scoreboard Elevates Game-Time Experience

Skutt Catholic High School in Omaha, Nebraska had the opportunity to advance their scoreboard technology with a new video board that incorporates video capabilities with scoring, all into one system.

Skutt Catholic athletic director Jeremy Moore worked with ScoreVisiona multi-faceted technology platform that replaces single-function scoreboards in schools and sports facilities with all-digital media boards, to solve their jumbotron needs within a manageable high school budget.

Moore compares ScoreVision's jumbotron experience on his high school field to the engaging experience at college and professional arenas. In addition to elevating the experience of the games played at Skutt Catholic, Moore is proud that the jumbotron experience is created entirely by students, a process that unites athletes with students interested in broadcasting, video production, photography, marketing and related subjects.

Students create everything from advertisements to graphics to full HD video content for the jumbotron, which Moore says creates a “full game-day experience for our student body, fans, and the athletes.”

In Moore’s eyes, the benefits don’t stop at elevating the game-day experience and educating students with the system. The school has also benefited from ScoreVision’s integrated digital advertising capabilities.

The Skutt Catholic High School ScoreVision Scoreboard

“Selling advertisements (on the jumbotron) really helped bring the video boards to our school. The video boards paid for themselves through advertising revenue and they continue to bring in revenue for our athletics and activities departments.”

Moore’s favorite part about upgrading to ScoreVision?

“The possibilities are endless. Whatever you can envision, there’s ScoreVision.”

Watch the video below to see Skutt Catholic’s jumbotrons in action and learn more about Skutt Catholic High School’s experience with upgrading to ScoreVision:

To learn how your school can benefit from a ScoreVision LED jumbotron scoreboard and software system, click the link below!

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