Inside the Headset: Dave Scholz & Patrick Basil [PODCAST]

On this episode of Inside the Headset, we are joined by two tremendous Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Dave Scholz and Patrick Basil.

Coach Scholz is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Utah State, and he’s been at the school since 2013. Previously, Scholz has worked for Arizona State, the San Francisco 49ers, and had a prior stint at Utah State from 2006-2010. Scholz joins the podcast to give insight on nutrition at the collegiate level, while also providing tips that high school coaches can offer their athletes.

Show Notes:
  • [0:54] Start of Scholz interview
  • [1:30] Athlete buy-in to nutrition
  • [3:37] Defining junk food
  • [4:55] Grocery shopping & weekend “cheating”
  • [7:05] Quick rules for nutrition
  • [13:45] High School athletes & breakfast
  • [15:45] Top supplements to use
  • [17:40] Importance of sleep
  • [21:57] Recap

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Coach Basil currently works as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Bryant University, his alma mater. He joined the staff in 2015 after spending 2014 as the Head Strength and Conditioning/ Wide Receivers Coach for SUNY Maritime College. Basil joins the podcast to discuss Bryant’s strength training program and creating athlete buy-in.

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Show Notes:
  • [30:37] Start of Basil interview
  • [33:00] Creating player buy-in
  • [39:48] Breaking up the monotony
  • [42:17] Advice to coaches
  • [47:44] Recap

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