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Inside The Headset: Tremaine Jackson [PODCAST]

On this week’s episode of Inside the Headset we speak with Tremaine Jackson, defensive coordinator for Abilene Christian University. We discuss how he has built a culture for the defense, including their mission statement, and about his defensive philosophy and approach to game planning.

Coach Jackson’s career began as a defensive line coach at Texas A&M-Kingsville in 2006. He joined the staff at Trinity Valley CC in 2007 where he also worked with the defensive line. In 2008, Jackson went to Texas Southern University to coach the tight ends, but over his four seasons with the team he also spent time working with the defensive line and was eventually named defensive coordinator. For the 2012 season, he worked as the defensive coordinator at Evangel University. He joined the staff at the University of Sioux Falls in 2013 as a defensive line coach and was later promoted to defensive coordinator. Coach Jackson was named the defensive coordinator at Abilene Christian in 2017. He was a member of the 2018 AFCA 35 Under 35 Coaches’ Leadership Institute.

  • [0:24] Start of interview
  • [0:45Establishing defensive culture
  • [1:56] The “212” mindset
  • [3:19] The three weapons: eyes, hands, and feet
  • [6:24] Coaching the “violations”
  • [7:55] Unique defensive philosophy
  • [12:32] Three takeaways per practice
  • [15:42] Philosophy behind minimal scout cards
  • [19:15] Taking the game back
  • [21:22] The importance of creating a fun environment

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