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Inside the Headset: Tobruk Blaine [PODCAST]

This week on Inside the Headset we are featuring San Jose State’s Coordinator of Beyond Football, Tobruk Blaine. Blaine discusses three key pillars of the Beyond Football program, shares the importance of impactful leadership, and highlights the value of pursuing personal goals.

Tobruk Blaine is the coordinator for the Beyond Football program at San Jose State University. In her role, she is responsible for enhancing the lives of football student-athletes. Through the Beyond Football program, student-athletes develop career-focused proficiencies and cultivate knowledge, relationships and skills necessary to establish a successful personal and professional life beyond the game of football. This mission is accomplished by encouraging student-athletes to explore opportunities around them, identify key interests, and inspire themselves and others through a culture of volunteerism in a greater community.

Blaine joined the San Jose State athletic department with a background in coaching, teaching, fundraising, and program building. Previously, she was a high school and college cheerleading coach at Eagle and Rocky Mountain High Schools (in Idaho) and at Boise State University.

  • [1:36] Start of session
  • [2:08] Implementing the Beyond Football program
  • [4:34] Three pillars for the Beyond Football program
  • [8:12] Off-field contributions lead to on-field success
  • [10:51] Cultivating personal relationships with coaches and athletes
  • [13:24] Expanding the program to Beyond Sparta
  • [16:01] Pursuing personal goals

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