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Inside the Headset: Sajan Thakkar [PODCAST]

This week on Inside the Headset, we speak with Harvard Running Backs Coach Saj Thakkar about his time as a young offensive coordinator, his experience working on the defensive side of the ball, and some of the unique aspects of coaching in the Ivy League.

Coach Thakkar’s career began at Fitchburg State University immediately after he finished playing for them. During his two years on staff (2013-14), he coached quarterbacks, running backs and special teams, plus spent time working as the video coordinator and helped manage the equipment. In 2015, he joined SUNY Maritime College and began working with the defensive backs along with serving as the special teams coordinator. Thakkar then switched over to offense and was named offensive coordinator along with coaching the quarterbacks (2016-17). In 2018, Thakkar became the running backs coach at Harvard.

  • [1:33] Start of interview
  • [1:53] Transition from player to coach at Fitchburg State
  • [3:30] Balancing multiple coaching responsibilities
  • [5:25] Moving from the offensive to the defensive side
  • [6:55] The bounce back to the offensive side of the ball
  • [8:44] GameStrat Ad – Discount Code
  • [9:17] The jump from a D3 to an FCS program
  • [11:40] The recruiting process at Harvard
  • [14:00] Ivy League in-season tackling ban during practice
  • [15:23] The Harvard-Yale rivalry
  • [17:23] The importance of being a member of the AFCA 30 Under 30

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