Inside the Headset: Mike Short (Turf Tank)

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring St. Cloud High Schools, Head Coach Mike Short. Coach Short speaks about the importance of multiport involvement, discusses how he is learning to find balance in his professional life, and shares his experience with Turf Tank.

Mike Short is currently the head coach at St. Cloud High School in Florida. He became the head coach at St. Cloud for a second time in March of 2022. First inspired to coach in college coach short has been all over the country serving as a high school football coach and at times a wrestling coach too. 

Coach Short spent three seasons at Southern Lee HS, in North Carolina, then went on to spend the 2006-2008 seasons at Gateway HS. In 2009 Coach Short served in a few roles on the St. Cloud staff until 2011. In 2021 Coach Short served on the West Orange staff before moving to Colonial High School for the 2013-2015 seasons. Coach Short also spent one season at Lake Howell before he coached at East River on two different occasions. Coach Short has also spent time coaching in Texas at Robinson ISD High School where he left to return to St. Cloud. 

Coach Short has lots of experience in coaching and has had the opportunity to experience a diverse range of football programs. 

About Turf Tank

Turf Tank is growing, and want[s] to keep it that way. With staff in Denmark, the US, and the UK they want to make sure that the best technology in line marking is available to paint amazing sports fields all over the world.

Turf Tank’s Danish HQ is in North Denmark. Innovation, research and development, design, and world-leading discoveries are deeply rooted in the history and culture of Denmark. Denmark offers a highly educated workforce. Turf Tank is proud to call some of the best and the brightest in engineering, code developing, software design, sales, and marketing for our employees!
Here’s a fun fact you may not know: One of the first prototypes for the Turf Tank ONE line marking robot was built with LEGO® – another great Danish invention. Several years later, the Turf

Tank ONE is now considered cutting-edge when it comes to using robots to paint accurate lines on sports fields.

Turf Tank also loves sports. They know how important it is that each line on the field is accurate and looks great.

  • [0:51] Start of Interview
  • [1:04] Why Coaching?
  • [3:34] Everything is Bigger in Texas (Football)
  • [5:09] Benefits of Being a Multisport Coach
  • [7:12] Should Players Be Multisport Athletes?
  • [8:57] Technology and Getting Kids to the Next Level
  • [11:14] Balance- Why High School Coaching is Different
  • [13:15] Turf Tank
  • [16:26] Coaching Offense vs. Defense
  • [18:53] Social Media Account Information 

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