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Inside the Headset: Mike London & Brennan Marion [PODCAST]

On this week’s episode of Inside the Headset we speak with Mike London, head coach at Howard University, and Brennan Marion, offensive coordinator at Howard University. Coach London discusses what he’s learned in his thirty years of coaching football, how he has gotten players to buy-in at Howard, and he shares a truly incredible story about his daughter, Ticynn. Later, Coach Marion discusses what he’s learned from Coach London, how he became the OC for the Bison, and changes he wants to make in his second season running the offense.

Mike London’s playing career in the NFL was finished after a knee injury in his first season with the Dallas Cowboys, and he went on to become a police officer and detective. After a near death experience, he joined the coaching staff at Richmond working with the outside linebackers (1989-1990). Coach London went on to spend time as a defensive line coach at William & Mary (1991-1994) before returning to Richmond as the outside linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator (1995-1996). He joined the staff at Virginia as the defensive line coach (2001-2004), went to the Houston Texans for a season (2005), and returned to Virginia for two more years (2006-2007). From there, London got his first head coaching position at Richmond (2008-2009) and led his squad to a I-AA National Championship in his first season. He was the head coach at Virginia (2010-2015) and assistant head coach at Maryland (2016) before being named the head coach at Howard in 2017.

  • [0:42] Start of interview
  • [0:54] Growing up in West Point, NY
  • [1:33] Career as a Richmond Police officer and detective
  • [2:34] Coaching mindset shaped by a near life or death experience
  • [11:20] The importance of servant leadership in coaching
  • [14:07] Transition into a head coaching role
  • [19:56] “Put feet to your faith”
  • [21:51] Getting players to buy in
  • [26:22] Being a match for his daughter’s bone morrow transplant
  • [35:00] Instilling belief in underdog situations
  • [38:14] More than the wins and losses
  • [40:48] Getting involved in Be the Match

You can follow Mike London on Twitter. Additionally, here is a link to the Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation.

Brennan Marion was named the offensive coordinator for Howard University prior to the 2017 season. His first coaching position was at West Valley College (CA) as a strength coach, and in 2012 he worked as a position coach at The Harker School (CA). Coach Marion was named the head coach of Saint Patrick Saint Vincent (CA) in 2013, and he was able to lead the program to the playoffs after they had gone 1-9 in the season prior to his arrival. In 2014 he was named head coach of Waynesboro HS (PA), and he led the team to its first winning season in over twenty years.

  • [42:52] Start of interview
  • [43:05] Learning from Coach London’s example
  • [43:51] Becoming the offensive coordinator at Howard
  • [45:18] Being transparent with players about struggles and mistakes
  • [47:05] Changes heading into his second season
  • [49:22] Game-planning to players’ skill sets
  • [53:25] Staying creative as a coordinator
  • [55:42] Speaking at the AFCA Convention

You can follow Brennan Marion on Twitter.

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