Inside the Headset: Marvin Nash

Inside the Headset: Marvin Nash [PODCAST]

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring San Marcos High School Recruiting Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator Marvin Nash. Coach Nash offers the value of building relationships, highlights the adaptability of the recruiting process, and shares the importance of being present in your current role.

Last year, Marvin Nash began coaching at San Marcos High School (TX), where he currently serves as the offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator. Prior to San Marcos, Nash served as the running backs coach and recruiting coordinator at Eaton High School (TX). He has also spent time coaching at Denton Guyer High School (TX).

  • [1:01] Start of interview
  • [1:26] Knowing people by name and need
  • [3:34] Coaching everyone differently
  • [6:11] Unique recruiting adaptations
  • [10:04] Marketing your athletes for the next level
  • [12:27] Promoting all levels of collegiate football
  • [14:06] A relational profession: Reuniting with former colleagues
  • [16:25] My humble middle school beginning

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