Inside the Headset: Juwan Lewis

This week on Inside the Headset we are featuring Davenport University’s running backs coach, Juwan Lewis.
Coach Lewis discusses his passion for educating others, shares how his faith guides him to pour into both his players and his family, and reflects on the impact his community has had on his coaching career.

Coach Juwan Lewis joined the Davenport staff in 2021 as the running backs coach and high school recruiting coordinator. Prior to coaching at Davenport Coach Lewis was an influential leader at the University of Findlay. Coach Lewis has also coached at Hiram College and Mount Union. Coach Lewis started coaching following a career in Arena Football. Coach Lewis played college football at Eastern Michigan University and Ferris State University. In high school Coach Lewis played in the Army All-American Bowl.


0:56 Spring Ball and Recruiting 

1:40  How do you adapt to a new OC?

3:35 When did you decide you wanted to coach?

6:15 Player Knowledge vs. Coaches Knowledge

9:40 Why is sharing knowledge so important?

12:30 Who has influenced your coaching style?

 17:30 How has becoming a father impacted you as a coach?

19:55 How have you adjusted your time to present for both your team and your family?

23:08 The Stable mantra

25:59 Social Media 

Twitter: @Coach_Jlew

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