Inside the Headset: James Vint [PODCAST]

On this episode of Inside the Headset, we are joined by James Vint, offensive line coach for Lubbock Estacado HS (Texas), to discuss RPOs, coaching clinics, and building mental toughness in players.

Coach Vint began his coaching career at Christopher Columbus HS (N.Y.) in 1998 and served as the offensive coordinator until 2005, when he became the defensive coordinator. He then joined Iowa Wesleyan as the offensive coordinator in 2007, before coaching outside linebackers at Truman State University in 2008. Vint briefly left coaching before going to Lubbock Coronado HS (Texas) as the special teams coordinator from 2010 until 2014. Then, he went Seminole HS (Texas) as the offensive coordinator from 2014 until 2016, prior to joining the staff at Lubbock Estacado.

Show Notes:
  • [0:49] Start of interview
  • [1:35] RPOs
  • [3:01] Coaching clinics
  • [8:50] Networking with social media
  • [12:23] Building mental toughness
  • [15:45] Benefits of track and wrestling in the off-season
  • [20:14] Celebrating player success
  • [25:19] Recap

You can follow James Vint on Twitter, check out his blog, or contact him via email.

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