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Inside the Headset: Frank Frigo [PODCAST]

This week on Inside the Headset, we take a deep dive in to analytics with EdjSports co-founder, Frank Frigo. We discuss using analytics to make better in-game decisions, how the Eagles used EdjSports on their way to winning Super Bowl LII, and we talk about being process-oriented rather than result-oriented.

Frank Frigo has a passion for games and markets. He is a former winner of the Backgammon World Championship in Monte Carlo and has held the #1 international ranking of both on-line and live match play. Before co-founding EdjSports, he had an active 20-year career in commodity markets with an emphasis on structuring wholesale energy transactions. In 2001, he co-created the NFL’s first fully customized simulation model, Zeus, that shook the conventional wisdom of NFL coaching staffs. Frank has consulted with several NFL and NCAA Division 1 football programs and his work in sports analysis has been featured in Esquire, Fox Sports, ESPN, The New York Times, Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” and MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

  • [0:27] Start of interview
  • [0:46] Frank’s background
  • [4:19] Co-creating the ZEUS program
  • [7:08] What separates EdjFootball from traditional models
  • [10:13] Using analytics to make better in-game decisions
  • [17:06] Process-oriented vs Result-oriented
  • [22:16] Going for it on 4th down
  • [28:29] EdjSports and high school football

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