Inside The Headset: Chili Davis [PODCAST]

This week on Inside the Headset we speak with Chili Davis, inside wide receivers coach and special teams assistant for New Mexico State University. We discuss his coaching background, what he’s looking for in student-athletes during the recruiting process, and the uniqueness of coaching an FBS independent team.

Chili Davis’ coaching career began at Campbell University as an offensive quality control coach for two seasons (2013-14). He then spent the 2015 season as an offensive graduate assistant working with the running backs at Louisiana Tech. Coach Davis’ first full-time position was coaching the cornerbacks at Fordham University in 2016. In 2017, Davis came to New Mexico State as an offensive graduate assistant, and he was promoted to full-time assistant in 2018 to coach the tight ends.

  • [0:25] Start of interview
  • [0:43] The origin of “Chili”
  • [3:22] Becoming a coach
  • [4:48] Working with multiple position groups
  • [6:25] Transition to coaching wide receivers
  • [8:26] Key characteristics of recruits
  • [10:22] Additional individuals in the recruiting process
  • [12:39] What coaches are looking for in a recruit’s film
  • [15:30] Recruiting at a game, practice, or camp
  • [16:39] Skills wide receivers lack out of high school
  • [20:30] Being at an FBS independent school
  • [23:20] Playing a team twice within one season

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