Inside The Headset: Aaron Smentanka [PODCAST] WP

Inside The Headset: Aaron Smetanka [PODCAST]

This week on Inside the Headset, we are featuring Saint Vincent College Head Coach, Aaron Smetanka. Coach Smetanka discusses becoming the head coach at his alma mater, professional growth through networking with his NFL connections, and the Coaching Boys Into Men program.

Aaron Smetanka was named the head football coach at Saint Vincent College in 2018. Smetanka is a Saint Vincent alum and former Bearcat quarterback. After graduating from SVC, Smetanka began his coaching career as the quarterback coach at Peters Township High School (PA) for the 2012 season. Following that one-year stint, he returned to his alma mater to join the Bearcat coaching staff as quarterback coach, a position he held for three seasons. Smetanka held a variety of responsibilities in this role, as in addition to coaching the team’s quarterbacks, he was heavily involved in recruiting, scouting, and the breakdown of game film, while also providing positive guidance and mentorship to the Bearcat players.

  • [0:27] Start of interview
  • [0:42] Record-setting playing career
  • [4:16] Coaching in the fall and playing in the spring
  • [10:47] Landing the Saint Vincent HC position
  • [15:53] Handling the pressure at an alma mater
  • [18:25] Capitalizing on NFL relationships
  • [22:45] Making an off-the-field impact

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  1. Great job by Coach Smetanka. I have had the pleasure to both coach and work with Aaron at SVC. Having been with the program since 2006 and the rebirth, Aaron has brought a different energy to the campus. He and I are both active in the Coaching Boys to Men program and it was great to have him bring the program to SVC. I was able to run the program in the weight room and as Aaron says help the players be better husbands,fathers, and men. After 30 years coaching including the last 14 at SVC I am excited to see the heights the program can reach.

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