How To Use Quick Pass During AFCA Registration

The AFCA QUICK Pass was designed to get you through registration in the most efficient way. If your dues are active and you paid the convention fee prior to the deadline or you are a Life Member, you qualify to use AFCA QUICK PASS through convention registration.

Please have the following information available when you enter the registration area at convention:

  • Quick Pass ID
  • Member ID
  • Email
  • Full Name
  • Badge ID

There are three possible Quick Pass routes to print your badge:

Route One: Quick Pass Entrance – Proceed to the Quick Pass Entrance and follow through to a computer terminal.  Next, enter your Quick Pass ID Information, follow the instructions and print your badge.

Route Two:  Mobile Entrance with Convention App – Proceed to the Mobile Registration Entrance and print your badge using your mobile phone. Mobile apps will be available in the Apple Store and Android Store on or about January 4, 2019. You must be in the Mobile Registration Entrance area and use the Location Code found in the Mobile area to print your badge.

Route Three:  Mobile Entrance using Phone Web Browser – The AFCA Member dashboard can be used to print your badge using the same Mobile Registration Entrance and same location code as Route Two. Just login to the dashboard using your phone’s web browser and enter the location code in the registration area, and Print your badge within the webpage.

The best way to edit your badge is the AFCA Terminal and the AFCA Mobile App.

Please note: This is the first round of quick pass notifications.  Membership services are still processing records and payments sent via mail or fax. Record cleanup has not been finalized. If you have invalid information, please login and correct your information prior to convention. If your associates did not receive a Quick Pass and were expecting to do so, login to the AFCA dashboard and see if a quick pass ID is available at the top of the dashboard. Otherwise, processing may still be occurring. Additional Quick Pass statements will be sent and you may see this information again prior to convention.

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