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How A Scoreboard Upgrade Can Make A Huge Impact On Your Football Program

Football coaches are always looking for ways to make the biggest impact on their football program with the limited time they have. With an upgrade to a ScoreVision jumbotron, the impact is not limited to the football program – it can expand to students all over the school and beyond.

Upgrade the Game-Day Experience

Bring the experience of Friday night lights to a whole new level in your stadium. Features like live video, instant replay, player profiles, animations, and other multimedia elements make it easy to transform your stadium into a professional arena experience and make your players feel like pro athletes.

Alleviate Fundraising Challenges

Fundraising headaches can be eliminated by leveraging ScoreVision’s integrated digital ad sequencing technology. The ScoreVision system automatically displays digital ads during pregame and game-time, ranging from small logo ads during the game to full TV commercial-style video ads during halftime. Simply sell the ad space, upload the sponsor’s graphics and/or animations into our cloud-based system, and let it take care of the rest! ScoreVision jumbotrons can generate tens of thousands of dollars or more per year for your athletics program – the days of shrinking athletic budgets can be a thing of the past when you upgrade to ScoreVision.

Engage Students and the Community

Your football scoreboard will no longer go unused during most of the week. With the ability to use a ScoreVision multimedia jumbotron for so many alternative uses, your stadium can become a hub for community events. From game film review and demonstrating drills during practice to movie nights, marching band and dance team performances and hosting graduation ceremonies, a ScoreVision jumbotron provides significantly more value to your program and facilities than a traditional metal-box scoreboard.

Enhance Educational Opportunities

A ScoreVision jumbotron creates opportunities to engage and benefit students from nearly every discipline within your school. A system that previously benefited only athletes now provides opportunities for learning new skills, gaining real-world experience, and showcasing their work to the community for students interested in subjects like video production, broadcasting, graphic design, marketing, business, computer science and other subjects.

Watch the short video below to see some of the advantages of upgrading to a ScoreVision multimedia jumbotron for your football program, then schedule a 10-minute online demo below!

To learn how your school can benefit from a ScoreVision LED jumbotron scoreboard and software system, request a demo.

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