Guardian Caps Prove Critical For Limiting Excess Contact

In 2010, with mounting concerns over the long-term effects of  traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in the game of football, the NFL announced a $30 million donation to the National Institutes of Health for research into brain trauma. This came just one year after NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello acknowledged for the first time that, “concussions can lead to long-term problems” in an interview with The New York Times.

That very same year, Guardian Caps was created to address the clear need to advance the standard football helmet. A team with over 20 years in the material science business set out to engineer, patent and manufacture the Guardian Cap. While TBI prevention and risk-reduction science was still in its infancy, they realized that finding innovative ways of reducing the impact the head receives when hit would be one of the most critical components to preserving player health, and with it – this great game we all love. 

From an engineering perspective, the Guardian Cap is effective because it allows greater energy dissipation at the point of contact with a pliable material. The cap is attached to itself, so it allows for shifting and movement independently of the helmet, which redirects some of the blow upon contact. From a football perspective, the Guardian Cap is effective because it reduces the overall buildup of small blows that occur in practice.

Over the last eleven years, the Guardian Cap has consistently been the leading soft shell helmet cover for impact reduction. Its effectiveness is found in its simplicity, leveraging the most basic laws of physics to reduce the initial severity of the impact with soft outer material. The hard shell of the helmet then has lower forces transmitted to it, and in turn conveys lower forces to the interior soft helmet padding and – most importantly – to the head of the player.

Guardian Caps At Practice

Why Use Guardian Caps?

  • Reduces impact on hard-shell helmets by up to 33%
  • Protects your helmets, paint and decals from wear and tear
  • Reduces static heat up to 15-20°
  • Makes existing helmets pliable and able to more effectively manage energy
  • Addresses accumulation of daily sub-concussive blows for OL, DL, LB, TE
  • Pads blows to knees, hands, abdomen, etc. during Inside Run and position drills
  • Reduces sound and vibrational frequencies; insulates heat in direct sunlight

Who’s Using Guardian Caps?

Guardian Caps are worn by 200+ colleges, 2000+ high schools, and 500+ youth programs to reduce impact in practice. Caps customers include Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, Penn State, Wisconsin and more. Contact Guardian now to get a custom quote.

Elite programs trust Guardian Caps because they augment any existing helmet to make it flexible and soft, able to more effectively manage energy and mitigate repetitive, cumulative blows. As of 2020, NFL testing validates the benefit of Guardian Caps and the NFL and NFLPA have decided to permit the Guardian Cap to be used by all positions in NFL practices.

Five NFL teams used Guardian Caps in practices this summer: the LA Rams, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears.

Check out Guardian Caps in action in south Florida!

AFCA Members Lead The Way!

AFCA-member coaches have always led the way in doing what’s best for the players. As part of Guardian Caps’ commitment to giving back to the AFCA and the game of football, they are offering exclusive pricing for AFCA members. Simply reach out to Guardian Caps here, and tell them AFCA Insider sent you!

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