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GoRout Eliminates Scout Cards, Increases Practice Reps

CoachComm always strives to lead the way when it comes to providing coaches with technology that makes their job easier. They produce the highest quality in sideline communications systems, like the X-System, and have helped scores of coaches take back their practice with innovative practice management systems like the eVenue Tempo. Now, CoachComm is teaming up with GoRout to bring playmaking technology that combines intelligent software and on field wearable products to football programs at every level of the game.

GoRout designed their system to adapt to each individual program’s needs. They maximize practice efficiency by eliminating the need for scout cards or other outdated practice tools, and allow coaches to maximize the number of quality practice reps.

Using GoRout is simple. Coaches power on and distribute individual Vue™ units for each player, which instantly connect to the GoRout Air™ network. Coaches then assign each player to a practice group, ball side and position.

After this quick and easy setup, coaches send plays to players instantly from GoRout’s on-field practice app. Every time a coach sends a new play, the Vue™ unit vibrates, alerting each player there’s a new play to execute. Using the remote control feature, coaches can see each play prior to sending it, and can easily change plays with a swipe of their finger.

Check out this first-person perspective on how GoRout works:

GoRout’s player‐wearable display technology gives coaches the power to send individual player messages and make adjustments on the field in real time. This powerful practice solution puts critical information at the coach’s fingertips, allowing teams to practice faster and get in more reps. From importing playbooks to creating practice scripts, GoRout gives coaches the freedom to make changes to their game plan or practice scripts on the fly.

The innovative Vue™ unit makes life easy on the scout team.


GoRout elevates the scripting process, by making it more efficient for coaches at all levels to create scripts. Coaches name their script, create periods, and import plays from any software. Popular services like Hudl, Visio and JustPlay are all supported, and coaches can even import their own hand-drawn cards. The drag and drop feature then enables coaches to reorder their plays more easily than ever before.

And GoRout doesn’t just make life easy on coaches. Players enjoy the luxury of having a visible reminder of the play they are running right there on the screen of their individual Vue™ unit. This feature is especially helpful when the scout team is trying to simulate unfamiliar plays or concepts.

Coaches! You know how important it is to get the most out of every practice. Embracing technology like this is the next step in the evolution of practice efficiency.

Watch this video to see how coaches get the most out of practice with GoRout:

GoRout packages can be customized to fit any size program or budget.  Each package comes standard with a trademark orange box that stores up to 30 Vue™ on-field player units and a full charging system.  Teams also receive:

  • A custom # of Vue on-field player units
  • On-field belts and Vue belt bands
  • Charging station(s)
  • Access to Air™ (football’s strongest national network)
  • 100% full-coverage warranty for the 1st season!

Additionally, every package comes with access to GoRout’s desktop software, mobile app (iOS and Android), unlimited coach accounts, unlimited storage, and 24/7 access from any device. Click the link below to find out more about how CoachComm can customize a package for your program.

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