Atavus Edge

Gaining The Edge With Atavus

Getting 30 defensive drills for just $49 seems like an absolute steal for a football coach at any level. But, what if for that $49 you also received the tools and techniques to instruct your players to tackle more safely, and those drills are going to include technical, decision-making and game-based exercises? Plus, included in that tiny price is a monthly prerecorded webinar series about the methods and concepts behind safe tackling, specifically removing the head from the collision.

On top of all that, you would also have the opportunity to earn certification in shoulder-led tackling instruction.

That’s the Atavus Edge and it’s helping improve the knowledge base of the coaches who use it, as well the players on the field who are benefiting from a higher level of instruction.

Atavus Edge

Atavus developed its Edge program to provide coaches an entry point into everything the company offers, such as Tacklytics (technology that accesses up to 88 unique data points of every tackle in every game) and the Digital Tackling Academy (where new drills and videos are uploaded to keep smart, safe tackling at the forefront of a football program).

“In the past, if you wanted access to the Atavus tools, you either needed to be part of an organization who provided it or you purchased our Tacklytics product, ” explains Kerry Carter, vice president of football operations for Atavus. “Now with Atavus Edge you have access to the drills, the technique and a plan to bring it onto the field.”

Atavus Edge

With Atavus Edge, coaches see the Atavus method first-hand and get a glimpse into why the University Interscholastic League of Texas (UIL) and the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) require the 23,000 football coaches in that state to certify on Atavus tackling methods.  Now, no matter where you’re from, you can go through the same Atavus tackling certification process as high school football coaches in Texas.

“Whether you just want to learn the technique and methods discussed with the drills and webinars or you’re looking for certification, Atavus Edge can help,” Carter says. “Every week we hear from somebody asking about how to get certified. We think that Atavus tackling certification will be worth something to a coach and even help a coach get a job.”

Getting started with Atavus is easy. It’s all done online with a secure login, password and website. It’s at that point you have access to the Atavus core concepts videos that dig into the shoulder-led tackling philosophy, as well as the 30 drills (plus drill sheets to show you how to implement the drills with variations).

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Carter says the company went back and forth on how to price the Edge. Sure, he knows coaches would pay much more than the introductory price of $49 (regularly $89), but there is a greater goal at play.

“We want coaches to use the drills and we want them to coach a safer way,” he says. “We aren’t just selling a widget, there is a really positive aspect to what we do. We want to make this available to as many coaches as possible.”

This article was written by Mike Austin, contributing editor for AFCA Magazine and AFCA Insider.

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