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Front Rush Simplifies Recruiting Software Adoption

Over the years, the average football coach has worn many a hat. There’s the tactician, the magician, the captain, the drill sergeant, the mentor and the father figure, to name a few. However, software purchaser hasn’t always been at the top of the list.

These days, there are few roles more important to the future of a college football program. A coach who understands the power of data, the necessity of communications, and the influence of great content knows that the right recruiting software can mean the difference between just staying organized and building a great recruiting class and team.

Aaron Wallace is Head of Sales for Front Rush, a software developer that creates powerful, easy-to-use and intuitive solutions for coaches and athletic departments across the country. Front Rush is backed by its parent company Reigning Champs, the leading path-to-college solutions provider in the U.S., with more than 41,000 active college coaches in over 72,000 teams across 34 sports. With more than 5.8 million student-athletes in their network, Front Rush is positioned to command a central position in software solutions for many years to come.

Wallace says that while most coaches don’t purchase enterprise-level recruiting software, they should embrace the opportunity to learn about the software purchasing cycle so they can identify best-of-breed software like Front Rush when they see it.

“The process for selecting your recruiting software is really very easy,” says Wallace. “When you come to us, we ask you about any of the programs you are currently using and if you are experiencing any issues. We ask about your goals and where your pain points are, and about any problems you’re trying to solve. Once we understand your staff’s needs, we’ll invite you to a custom online software demo in a webinar-like setting.”

The point of the webinar is to show coaches basic functionality and highlights that might interest them. The tour includes how to send out communications and manage the database, and touches on other general features and benefits.

“If you’re a Division I school, we may show you different forms, evaluation tools and other elite level features,” says Wallace. “These are very casual conversations during the webinar. We let the coaches drive and really focus on what’s important to them. We try to address any needs coaches might have by showing them the actual software and how it works. When our solutions resonate with a coach and there’s mutual interest, we move to discuss our flexible subscription packages, agreement and pricing.”

Software Deployment

Usually, the most challenging part of changing from any legacy software system to a modern, innovative solution like Front Rush is implementation. Deploying the new software takes time and a focus on both the details and the bigger picture. Fortunately for football coaches, Front Rush does all the heavy lifting.

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“First things first, we’re going to ask for your database and the names of any coaches on staff that are going to use the software,” says Wallace. “We’ll need to create usernames and passwords for them. Next, we ask for any data, reports and content they want added to the system. If they have a lot of cool graphics or photos they want to use for branded emails, we’ll collect those to personalize their system. We’ll ask for all of that because we want to build out the system the way coaches expect it to look before they get their hands on it. That way, it just feels natural when they’re in it.”

After that, Front Rush begins training for coaches. They make training as simple as possible, focusing on only what coaches need to know to make the system work as smoothly as possible.

“The biggest thing coaches need to focus on is the mobile app, because these days, coaches are basically living out of their phones,” says Wallace. “Everyone needs to focus on the mobile app. The training is extremely simple. It’s a 10-minute demonstration. We show them, this is how you access your recruits. This is how you filter your recruits, and this is how you make a phone call. And everything logs after the fact.”

If it sounds incredibly simple, that’s because it is.

“It’s probably one of our most well-liked features,” says Wallace. “Coaches expect it to be as low maintenance as possible. Overall, we try to base the whole platform on simplicity and ease-of-use, because we know coaches don’t typically want to be their own IT staff. They are there to coach, not troubleshoot software.”

Support When Coaches Need It

On top of the mobile app, Front Rush’s support system is one of its most beloved features. The truth is, for many coaches, a

database is a database. The real distinguishing factor is, does it work, and can they get support when they need it? When coaches have questions about their recruiting software, they need to know that help is just a phone call away.

“The real question is, will there be someone to answer the phone when coaches call?” says Wallace. “At Front Rush, the answer is yes. Front Rush customers have a dedicated account manager, and it’s the same person. They’re dedicated to help you, because we’re partners in all of this, not just clients and vendors. We stand behind our software, and when you need us, we’re there to answer whatever questions you might have.

For more information, visit or call 215-489-2100.

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