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Front Rush Customer Focus Powers Innovative Solutions

Sarah Hameed is Director of Product Success for Front Rush, a software company that creates powerful, easy-to-use and intuitive recruiting solutions for coaches and athletic departments across the country.

Front RushFront Rush is backed by its parent company Reigning Champs, the leading path-to-college solutions provider in the U.S., with more than 41,000 active college coaches in over 72,000 teams across 34 sports. With more than 5.8 million student-athletes in their network, Front Rush is positioned to command a central position in recruiting and software solutions for coaches for many years to come.

As Director of Product Success, Hameed occupies a central role between product development and Front Rush’s legions of loyal customers. It’s her job to make sure that customer needs are met during the actual development of the software. But, it’s also her job to guarantee clients are taken care of after they begin using Front Rush software.

“I wear multiple hats,” says Hameed. “I work on designing the product, which means working with developers, with designers, interviewing customers, and finding out what their needs are. I’m also managing the customer success team, making sure our clients have a dedicated account manager, and they’re receiving the high level of personalized service Front Rush is known for in our industry. We’re always willing to go the extra mile for our clients.”

Part of making sure her clients’ needs are met is keeping her finger on the trends and pulse of the industry. Hameed and her team benefit from personal experience on campus as coaches, personnel directors, administrators and student-athletes.

“We made sure that all of our customer success folks come from the industry,” says Hameed. “We have compliance people who’ve done the job. We have football recruiting coordinators who’ve worked at multiple schools and have years of experience, because we want to understand in detail what our customers experience on a day-to-day basis.”

Front Rush’s commitment to customer success means their Success Team members often put themselves in the shoes of their customer.

“Whether it’s one-on-one training, delivering custom reports, or just making sure we’re taking some of the work off our customers’ plates, we strive to provide the best customer experience in the industry,” she says. “We personalize our customer experience to meet the needs of each coach and athletic department.”

Development goals and needs are central to software development, and Front Rush goes to extreme lengths to make sure the software they develop is what their coaches want and need. To that end, they constantly seek feedback from coaches on changing needs within the industry and how those needs might best be met.

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“We have regular meetings to prioritize the feature requests coming in from coaches,” says Hameed. “We look at the frequency of the requests, how important they are for clients, and who they would impact most. Based on that, we work with the development team to craft solutions specific to the client. One of my goals is to include many of the suggestions from my interviews with clients, show our coaches some of those elements as potential screenshots, and then start building it out. Involving the client very early in the [development] process is critical. We want to figure out ways to involve clients in our process as much as possible.”

On the phone or on the road meeting with coaches, Front Rush seeks to build strong, meaningful relationships with its customers after their software is implemented on campus. For fast customer service, it’s as easy as notifying the Front Rush support team to answer any basic questions a coach might have.

“Our customers also get a dedicated account manager,” says Hameed. “Coaches often have our personal phone numbers; customers with urgent needs can get us on the phone at any time. Our coaches like to speak with the same person, dedicated to helping them recruit and get the most out of our solutions. At the end of the day, if we’re partners — rather than just clients and vendors — we end up building the best product possible that meets or exceeds the needs of our customers.”

For more information, visit or call 215-489-2100.

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