Evaluate Injuries With Portable Diagnostic X-ray From MinXray

At this point in the ongoing player-health conversation, no coach needs to be sold on the importance of blazing fast care in the case of head trauma. However, many coaches don’t realize that knee, ankle and shoulder injuries can and should benefit from the same level of expedient, efficient evaluation, diagnosis and initial treatment.

For example, leading sports medicine experts cited in Injuries and Health Problems in Football indicate that when a shoulder dislocation occurs and is confirmed, it is much easier to reduce, or manipulate, the shoulder back into place in the first few minutes after dislocation to avoid intense pain and muscle spasms. Therefore, an immediate X-ray to confirm diagnosis and rule out fracture can reduce time to return the shoulder to its normal position.

Impact from MinXray Inc. is a new completely battery-powered, portable digital radiography (DR) system. This system brings superior diagnostic imaging right to your team’s sidelines, and even onto your playing field.

Impact is the only hand-held, battery-powered X-ray unit available that is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified for full-body imaging.

MinXray’s Impact unit is ultra-portable when it is handheld, or on an accompanying rolling stand that can be easily wheeled over to an injured athlete for quick identification and review of injuries. With hotspot access, digital images can be sent by medical staff to locker room or off-site radiologists in seconds for their immediate review. Expediting access to these diagnostic resources not only ensures timely medical care, but can also help in getting sports medicine patients, if cleared, back onto the field of play more efficiently than ever before.

MinXray’s Impact DR System includes:

  • Single, portable package
  • 14″ x 17″ Wireless Cesium Iodide Digital Detector in carbon-fiber housing
  • TR90BH portable battery-powered X-ray unit
  • Tablet or laptop loaded with DICOM 3.0 compliant imaging software

About MinXray:

Since 1967, MinXray, Inc. has been the leader in portable diagnostic X-ray imaging. The devices, available in both portable and mobile units, can be used in multiple applications where it is more efficient to bring the X-ray unit to the patient instead of the patient to the X-ray unit. MinXray products are used in a variety of medical, dental, podiatric, veterinary, and military applications. MinXray’s powerful, high frequency, lightweight portable units continue to be the “gold standard” for film and digital imaging.

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