Culture Strength Provides Science-Based Character Development On Critical Issues

It seems like every week brings news of another scandal involving a prominent athletics program. And many other incidents never make the national news.

Issues like sexual assault or domestic violence can destroy teams, athletic programs, and even careers. A serious incident can rip the local community and fan base apart, not to mention the life-altering harm caused to another human being.

And common approaches to address these issues have failed. The reality is that where every major scandal has occurred, policies and standard training approaches were already in place.

These issues are confusing, and most coaches are unsure of what more to do. But coaches are right to be concerned, especially when even the “good players” can make very bad decisions. When Culture Strength explored why good players make bad decisions, they found that social science explains how common approaches to training typically fail to reach those most in need of help.


The good news is, Culture Strength also discovered that social science can be used to design far better proactive approaches. Founder and award-winning author Aaron Boe spent fifteen years studying these issues and developing a new kind of solution. What he realized is a positive and developmental solution works better for reaching today’s young people. The Complete Strength series of programs is the only approach designed to help young men in strategic ways, rather than just telling them what not to do or what they “should” do.

Boe teamed up with Dr. Brian Mistler to also help programs with the critical issue of mental health. And because of Boe’s early career as a leadership trainer, their discussions and programs are designed to also improve leadership and attitudes for performance on the field.

Today’s world requires men to have a more complete set of strengths and personal standards. Culture Strength helps you develop your culture, develop your men, and prevent misconduct with science-based strategy and tools.
Aaron Boe, M.S.ED. – Founder & Lead Trainer

Aaron Boe saw that common approaches to these issues were not connecting with young men, or even with those who work with them. They didn’t even connect with him, and he cared deeply about these issues because of a victim/survivor close to him.

So, he set out to develop a better way, including one that would be tailored to integrate perfectly into the culture of football.

 “We use the word Strength on purpose. Through ‘The Strength Portal’—the topic of ‘Strength’—we can strategically discuss and shift paradigms on topics ranging from integrity and sportsmanship to ethical social actions and ways to handle a relationship. Language matters, and every word we use is chosen for impact.”

Modern Tools For The Real World

Having Aaron on your team is like adding a world-class coach as your coordinator for strategic character development. His background and expertise allow him to see the details and achieve results with science-based techniques.

Options range from speaking programs to retreats to personalized Complete Strength Handbooks. You can have tools in your hands to use as you wish for your program. From one tailored training to a 4-year system that changes the game for your program, your recruiting, and your alumni engagement.

Have peace of mind from knowing you have the most effective developmental system in place on critical issues.

Put science and proven expertise on your side today.


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