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Tempo’s most affordable and compact package ever!

In today’s fast-paced, competitive environment, coaches are realizing the importance of controlling practice and getting the highest number of quality reps as possible. Getting the most out of every practice requires coaches to engage their players constantly. CoachComm’s Tempo Go System enables coaches to take command of every second of practice like never before – providing championship-caliber efficiency while ensuring the highest number of quality reps.

“We are doing drills in 3 minute periods where it might have taken 5 minutes before. Tempo allows us to structure practice and move at a faster pace.”Randy Jackson, Head Football Coach, North Forney High School, Forney, Texas
Tempo is an innovative practice management system designed to provide coaches with total control over practice through time management, motivation and coordination tools. From anywhere on the field, Tempo Go provides coaches control of their practice schedules, music, sounds, communication and the management of play clocks. Tempo Go is an easy and powerful tool for teams seeking a competitive edge.

Take Control Of Your Practice

Coaches can build practice schedules with music and sounds that are customized to each individual period. Coaches simply enter their practice script information and Tempo keeps the practice on schedule. The system can be operated remotely by one or more people from anywhere on the field. Coaches can set up schedules to run automatically and easily, allowing them to make changes on the fly including: going to the next period, adding or removing time from an existing period, starting and stopping play clocks, or sounding the air horn.

  • Choreograph Practice Schedules, Audio & Timer
  • Load music or play directly from an external device like an iPod
  • Add time to a period, stop the music, play crowd noise and more

Powerful Audio Coverage Throughout the Field

Powerful, professional quality speakers enable coaches to simulate the most unfriendly gameday environments, while the ability to play high-energy music that energizes players during practice provides an added level of motivation and energy.

  • Simulate loud and hostile game day environments with powerful sound.
  • Motivate players by playing music during warm up periods or any other time.
  • Flexible use for locker rooms, practice, game day, and camps.

Integrated Clock Management

Tempo Go’s integrated segment timer keeps practice on schedule, so the coaching staff can automatically run practice sessions in an organized and efficient manner. Tempo Go coordinates moving teams around the field for individual practice break-outs, so coaches don’t have to.

  • Streamline staff and tasks through coordinated communication
  • Integrated segment timer keeps practice on schedule
  • Customize your clock to replicate specific game day situations
  • Optional wireless, battery-operated, and mobile locks available
  • 25/40 second model available
  • Control multiple clocks across multiple fields

Effective Communication and Control (Optional)

Communicate with other coaches during practice and amplify your voice through the powerful speaker system to get your player’s attention, make announcements, emphasize coaching points, or call out down and distance during certain drills.

  • Coaches and staff can stay in constant communication from anywhere on the field
  • Use lightweight headsets or use your game day headsets
  • Start/stop the segment timer, adjust volumes, etc.
  • Simple one hand operation
  • Pause the practice session, or play a favorite sound from anywhere on the practice field
  • Optional wireless BeltPacks allow coaches, managers and other staff to communicate during practice with the same confidence and quality 97% of D1 teams trust on game days.

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