CoachComm’s NEW Cobalt Headset System Delivers Exceptional Sound Quality

Coaches today can’t afford to sacrifice the quality of their communication, but are often restricted by limited budgets. Because of this, CoachComm is proud to introduce CoachComm COBALT, a new coaching headset system that delivers in size, price and performance. Cobalt provides teams with effortless, worry-free, and reliable coaching communications.

Exceptional audio quality, quick set up and simple operation make CoachComm Cobalt a great choice of headset systems for any team looking for great performance at a small price. When you need a system that works great but costs less, CoachComm Cobalt is the answer.

The CoachComm Cobalt System offers unparalleled sound quality with Q-Tech Noise Reduction. This next-level technology is coupled with the industry’s most trusted D-1 SmartBoom® headset to provide audio clarity you have to hear to believe!

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Cobalt System Features:
  • Works Great and Costs Less
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • No Basestation Required
  • 900MHz Frequency Band
    • Better Performance Through Press Box Glass
    • No Wi-Fi Interference
  • Unlimited Users
  • Offensive and Defensive Talk Channels
  • Unique Home and Away Feature to Prevent Interference
  • Small, Lightweight Belt Pack
  • Proven Performance in Large D1 and Pro Stadiums
  • Exceptional Audio Quality
  • Exclusive D1 SmartBoom PRO Headset
  • Secure Digital Communication
  • Two-year Warranty on Parts & Labor Included
  • Proven CoachComm Service & Support
“No doubt about it…this new system is great. The audio is crystal clear and the headsets are very comfortable. It’s about time that a product like this is now available to a team like ours.” Jason Allen, Head Coach, Chambers Academy

SmartBoom PRO-E Headset

The CoachComm Cobalt system is available with the new E model of the SmartBoom PRO headset, the latest addition to the SmartBoom line of coaching headsets that provide exceptional comfort, durability, and outstanding audio performance in the most demanding playing environments.

The SBP-E features revolutionary SmartBoom technology, allowing the microphone boom to act as an On/Off switch for quick microphone muting. Additionally, the headset provides high ambient-noise reduction and produces high-quality audio using a unidirectional electret microphone that is optimized for voice communications to provide voice clarity in loud stadiums.

The SBP-E headset has a low clamping force and soft ear cup padding which means less “squeeze” on the user’s head. The headset also features an adjustable headband to allow for a variety of head sizes and increased comfort, resulting in longer wear time.

SmartBoom PRO-E Headset Features:
  • Outstanding audio quality with enhanced acoustic isolation
  • Rugged and durable, yet comfortable for long periods of wear
  • Sleek, low profile design available in single and dual-ear model
  • Ear cup offers premium sponsorship branding space
  • Electret, noise-cancelling unidirectional microphone
  • Flexible, ambidextrous swiveling mic boom
  • Raising the boom mutes the Mic
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Detachable cable
  • Cable terminated with Dual Mini (3.5 mm TRRS)
“The system worked perfect! Great sound quality, and no static. It was like I was sitting right next to my coaches! Cobalt is great!” Darrell Higgins, Head Coach, Mars Hill Bible School

The NEW SmartBoom PRO-E headset is the most used and trusted headset by D-1 coaches and is universally known for its extreme comfort and outstanding clarity. With the Cobalt system, you not only get an extremely affordable headset system, but you can also reap the rewards of using the same headset trusted by 97 percent of D-1 coaches!

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