CoachComm X-System Provides Elite Communication At High School & Small College Level

Coaches at every level of the game rely on their wireless communication system to keep their players and staff on the same page and focused on one common goal - winning. But coaches who are serious about having reliable communication have often struggled to find a system that is representative of their hard work and preparation. That's why CoachComm's new X-System for high schools and small colleges is delivering the same standard of excellence trusted by FBS and FCS coaches across the country.

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Wireless technology is constantly changing, which is why the X-System has been designed to give coaches the very best in game day communications. Since 2016, this cutting edge technology has been one of the most trusted D1 sideline communications systems. 

Visit CoachComm's WebsiteVisit CoachComm's Website

PROVEN:  X-System is the proven technology for D1 programs

PERFORMANCE:  Multiple frequency options for optimal game day performance

POWERFUL: Signals penetrate press box glass, big bodies, and is not affected by WiFi

INNOVATIVE: NEW small, lightweight and simple-to-operate wireless Radio Pack

QUALITY: Exceptional audio clarity and improved performance in loud stadiums

ROBUST: Expandable to meet the needs of any size coaching staff – from high school to small college

STATE-OF-THE-ART:  NEW X-Ware game day interface for optional real-time system monitoring and customization

ADVANCED: NEW integrated directional antenna provides amazing coverage with an easier set-up

X-System boasts thfirst-ever integrated directional antenna with easier setup, and improved performance through glass, bodies, and solid objects - so nothing will stop coaches from communicating critical information to their staff and players.  X-System works in even the largest stadiums, and offers multiple frequency options for the most difficult wireless environments. Coaches can have unlimited customized conversations for as many coaches as needed, now and in the future. The enhanced sound quality allows coaches to hear more clearly, and the newly designed Radio Pack is small and lightweight, with an easy-to-read display

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