Championship Productions Introduces New Michigan Football Championship Coaching Series

Coaches are always looking to learn from the best, borrow techniques and drills that fit their own philosophies, incorporate them into their own program, and ultimately win more games as a result. Championship Productions has been helping coaches do exactly that for every major sport for over over 40 years, with an extensive catalog of online videos and DVDs featuring drills, insight and best practices from the best coaches in the game.

NEW in 2019, Championship Productions is introducing a jam-packed educational video series with the storied University of Michigan football program, led by Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. In this cutting-edge series, Harbaugh and his staff will show coaches how to:

  • Develop essential quarterback skills
  • Use the four main categories of RB drills used at Michigan
  • Get receivers off bump and run coverage
  • Improve the efficiency of practice time
  • Teach proper two-point, three-point, and center stances for O-line
  • Teach defensive line stance, keys, alignment and get-off
  • Discover drills that simulate game experiences for LBs
  • Get daily footwork drills for both run and pass defense
  • Play the “scooch” technique with man press coverage
Fourteen Great Videos. One Incredible Series.


Each of these videos is overflowing with the essential information you need to get better as a coach. And, as a special bonus for our loyal AFCA Insider readers, this series is 25% OFF thru September 15, 2019. Use the code: AFCA725.

FREE PREVIEW – Video excerpts from the series

QB Technique & Drills Video

Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and Quarterbacks Coach Ben McDaniels share some of their best quarterback drills for improving anticipation, throwing motion and footwork. This video was produced with the explicit purpose of helping coaches to develop essential quarterback skills, including ball grip, taking a snap, the QB/center exchange, cadence and more.

In this short excerpt, McDaniels breaks down a quarterback flush drill he uses to teach his QBs four different ways to leave the pocket with great technique.

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How to Build & Package RPO CONCEPTS Video

Michigan Offensive Coordinator Josh Gattis breaks down the main RPO concepts that Michigan runs, including running-game coaching points and QB reads. Coaches will learn how to teach their QBs to identify the defense’s “conflict” player, to know where to attack, implementing and executing an offense that prevents the defense from playing aggressively, and numerous adjustments that can made to RPOs depending on how the opponent reacts.

In this next excerpt, Gattis talks about some of the reads the QB is making, and how reading the demeanor of defenders can be critical to an RPO’s success.

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Linebacker Technique & Drills Video

Michigan Defensive Coordinator Don Brown shares his perspective on drills that simulate game experiences so your LBs are prepared to tackle more effectively, as well as giving them several tools for stopping the run and rushing the passer. He also explains how to teach LB pass-coverage tactics for four different situations, as well as blitz technique.

In this excerpt, Brown walks coaches through one of the tackling drills he uses, incorporating a chute and tackle wheels to teach defenders proper stance, explosion and follow-through.

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Punt Return Strategies Video

Michigan Safeties Coach & Special Teams Coordinator Chris Partridge demonstrates how he teaches alignment and get-off to his punt return unit, so his players can block effectively on the return, as well as showing the blocking technique that leads to bigger returns and fewer back-breaking penalties, and how to coach the punt returner to make better decisions while the ball is in the air.

In this last excerpt, Partridge, explains the main strategy he teaches his players that enables to them maintain control of the person covering the punt.

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More Excerpts From The Series:

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