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Championship Analytics: Elevate Your Thinking

Coaches today can plan for every scenario and aspect of their program with Championship Analytics. From recruiting, to player development, to X’s and O’s, NFL and college staffs invest in game preparation to reduce risk and enable better decision-making. When it comes to in-game strategy; however, coaches are often forced to make real-time game-altering decisions. Despite meticulous preparation, coaches too often rely on instinct versus proven facts.

With the revolutionary, patented CAI Game Book (U.S. patent number 9424615, granted August 23, 2016) by Championship Analytics, teams will enter each game prepared to make decisive, strategically sound choices for any situation that they might face. The benefits of working with CAI are substantial. With the CAI Game Book, teams will never take a timeout to debate a decision. Head coaches and offensive coordinators can plan ahead, during each drive and series of downs, knowing on first or second down what the decision will be for every game scenario. Most importantly, teams will gain a substantial strategic advantage by making decisions that optimize a team’s chance of winning.


Tom Osborne “Championship Analytics delivers interesting strategies that give teams a better chance of winning.”
~ Tom Osborne, Former Head Coach, University of Nebraska

Herm Edwards “If you’re playing to win, you should be playing with Championship Analytics on your team.”
~ Herm Edwards, Head Coach, Arizona State University

Lane Kiffin “Using CAI allowed me to coach the way I love to coach—being aggressive and going for it with confidence and without hesitation. I think every staff needs CAI as a resource. I wouldn’t want to coach another season without it.”
~ Lane Kiffin, Head Coach, Ole Miss

Jeff Monken “I wish I’d had the opportunity to use this for the past 25 years. It absolutely is beneficial to our team, to our staff and to our success. I don’t want any of our opponents to use it. That’s the best endorsement I can give.”
~ Jeff Monken, Head Coach, Army

Luke Fickell “Reviewing our weekly decisions with CAI is like adding another member to our staff, but better. We get the benefit of an impartial, statistics-based assessment of what worked well and what could have worked more effectively. Even after years of coaching, I learn something new from CAI every week.”
~Luke Fickell, Head Coach, Cincinnati

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