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Building A Winning Culture Requires Blueprints, Not Buzzwords

All coaches want a great culture, buy-in, strong leadership, respect for authority, and highly motivated athletes. But how will you go about maximizing each of these factors this season? A weakness in any one of these areas can kill your chances at a great season. There is too much at stake for you to have to guess at what is most effective.

The Conversations

In the early part of 2020, character development expert Aaron Boe found himself talking with coaches about the challenges they face. The same topics kept coming up. Topics like buy-in, culture, trust, accountability and the challenge of balancing authority with building relationships.

“As I was reflecting on our conversations, I kept thinking, ‘There is psychology that can help with that. There is neuroscience that can explain that,'” says Boe. “I had been through this before with character and integrity. It bothered me that character and integrity were talked about so much without us really knowing how to best develop them. It bothered me that I didn’t know. What is the science of developing character and integrity? What is the science of influencing behavior?”

Boe had sought answers in psychology, neuroscience and behavioral science. After nearly a decade, he combined the findings to form a science-based process for accelerating character development.

“I thought, what if we could do the same process for these other challenges? The truth is, after those conversations, I had become bothered that I didn’t know a simple way of explaining the psychology of building buy-in, trust, culture and these other critical areas of coaching.”

No one had ever put the relevant science on these key issues into a usable framework for coaches. And that is how Complete Coach was born. Science has been applied in nearly every area of sports. But ironically, it is coaches who have been neglected. Coaches get treated as if they are supposed to already know everything.

The Challenge

Findings from science would only help if they could be made easy to apply. Coaches do not have time to study research all day in hopes of recreating the wheel.

According to Boe, “None of us are able to apply things very well from just reading a lot of material. I wanted to develop something radically practical.”

It had to be something different than just another training. The idea came to possibly bake the science into a framework – like how we teach mechanics in sports. You teach proper mechanics to players, but they do not have to study the physics. Those mechanics can be referred to again and again, and even help a player coach himself.

The Findings

The 2020 shutdown provided Boe with the rare blessing of extra time. Pretty quickly, a framework came together for trust. For example, the science shows there are three ways a player must perceive their coach for trust to exist. If just one of them is lost, then trust is lost, and the ripple effects are dramatic. One mistake that weakens trust will weaken everything. It will not matter what you are doing for culture and accountability if a player does not trust his coach.

Next was motivation. Then accountability. It turned out each key area could be distilled to just three to five points of leverage, with some of them building off each other.

With this type of framework, a coach can diagnose problems and make plans for improvement much more efficiently. Coaches are limited only by how thoroughly they choose to apply the framework.

The Process

Rather than keeping the framework only for high-paying clients, the real impact would happen if it is available for coaches at all levels. From the NFL to a small-town high schools, coaches can have a new tool for strengthening their culture, buy-in, leadership and overall impact on each player.

The simple explanations and done-for-you prompts help you generate new ideas guided by science. Each coach will be able to use this new tool again and again throughout the year.

With additional applications ranging from recruiting to post-season play, the self-guided Coach’s Planbook, On Demand videos, and PDF tools allow you to put science on your side in new ways.

To learn more, please visit CompleteCoach.Me today or email Complete Coach developer Aaron Boe at

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