Athletic Edge Aluma Elite vs. Steel Lockers: How Do They Compare?

Whether your team or organization is building a new facility or simply making some updates, planning can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming process. What’s the budget? How many lockers will you need? Where will they be located? How big do you need them? What other amenities do you need?

One of the most important decisions may be the materials you choose for your lockers. Here is a comparison of the main differences between The Athletic Edge’s steel and Aluma Elite aluminum lockers.

  • Aluma Elite Locker

  • Steel Locker


Aluminum and steel lockers are both made of very durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Steel is harder and more dense than aluminum and is therefore less susceptible to dents and dings. Both steel and aluminum lockers are also powder-coated (in many available colors) to provide a hard, protective finish that adds to the strength of each locker type.

Steel Storage Lockers at Prairie Lakes Wellness Center


As mentioned above, steel is more dense than aluminum which makes aluminum lockers lighter than steel lockers. Because of this, Aluminum lockers are usually easier to install and can come in handy if you need them to be portable.

The Atlanta Falcons NFL Team chose Aluma Elite Aluminum lockers for training camp purposes so they can add or remove lockers as they are adding or cutting players to their rosters.


Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant and won’t rust, which makes it a great option for wet/pool areas. Steel lockers have protective coatings on them to prevent corrosion and rusting, so they are still a good option as well, but may require future maintenance and upkeep to keep them protected.

University of Wyoming Aluma Elite Lockers


Because of it’s composition, characteristics and longevity, aluminum is more costly than steel. While both locker types have the option of many powder coat colors and custom branding, aluminum lockers also have the option of using more than one powder coat color on each locker. Aluma Elite lockers can also be matched with The Athletic Edge’s Aluma Elite athletic training room products for a cohesive look.


It’s important to consider all these factors before deciding which material is right for your lockers. Both steel and Aluma Elite lockers are great choices that will provide your space with durability and unrivaled quality.


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