AFCA Teams Up with American SIDS Institute

The AFCA (American Football Coaches Association) is teaming up with the American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute to increase AFCA members’ awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The 2018 president of AFCA, Bill Cronin, became aware of the devastating impact that a sudden infant death can have on parents. An assistant coach and good friend lost his infant son to SIDS. Coach Cronin quickly realized the impact of this terrible disorder and how devastating it is on family, friends and the community.

“After experiencing sudden infant death with my assistant coach, I would do anything possible to help players and young adults know how to prevent this horrible experience,” Bill Cronin, head coach at Georgetown College said.

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SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths take the lives of about 4,000 infants each year in the U.S. In a typical situation, parents wake up to find the baby they thought was in good health has died while sleeping. There is no greater tragedy a parent can face. The American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute is an internationally recognized leader in SIDS research, awareness and prevention. The nonprofit organization was established in 1983.

“Sudden infant death is one of the most devastating things that can happen to any parent, but with proper awareness and education, the risks can be reduced,” Todd Berry, AFCA Executive Director said. “With the help of the American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute, we are not only going to bring awareness to our AFCA members, but they will help spread awareness to parents throughout their communities all across the nation.”

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The partnership with the AFCA will deliver the message to thousands of young parents that safe infant sleep can prevent many infant deaths. Babies should be placed in uncluttered cribs on their backs to sleep and should never sleep with parents in beds or chairs, or on a couch.

The American SIDS Institute will work with coaches around the country to promote safe infant sleep and other risk reduction techniques. This is an excellent way to get the message to the 11,000 members of the AFCA, their players and thousands of fans.

The AFCA and American SIDS Institute partnership will save lives of precious babies across the U.S. For further information about SIDS, go to

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