AFCA Digital Library New Feature Tutorial

Welcome to this tutorial on how to access and browse through the new and improved AFCA digital library. We are excited to share the new advancements to our database that stores thousands of videos, podcasts, and articles all aiding to help you become the best coach you can be!

How to Login

The first step to access the digital library is to log in to the AFCA membership portal. Follow the steps below to log into the AFCA Digital Library.

  1. Go to & Click the “Login” Button in Top Right Corner
  2. Log Into Portal
  3. After logging into portal locate “Digital Library” tab on top of the screen
  4. Click on tab and a new window will open up and direct you into the AFCA Digital Library

*If you are NOT an active member of the AFCA, you will not have access to the library.

Events & On-Demand

Once logged into the digital library, you will come across two tabs that host our content: the ‘events’ tab and the ‘on-demand’ tab. The difference between these two tabs is that under events you will find live and upcoming content, while in the on-demand tab you can view all videos, podcasts, and articles that have already occurred. The events section of the digital library will specifically be important come the 2021 Virtual Convention.

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Key Features

Key features that have been installed in the improved AFCA digital library is the ability to ‘favorite’ and ‘sort’ content. To favorite content simply click the star in the top left corner of the video or article. Once the piece of content is favorited, it can then be found in the panel on the far-left side of your screen under the favorites tab. Additionally, to sort and filter content, make sure you are on the on-demand screen and locate the bar of categories directly under the ‘AFCA Featured Content’ section. When using this function, you are able to search all videos, podcasts, and articles by most recent and most popular categories, as well as by specific position groups.

We hope this helps you get a better understanding of the capabilities included in our one of a kind database. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the AFCA with any questions or concerns regarding our digital library.

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