AFCA Convention Schedule: Sunday, January 7, 2018

7:00 AM9:00 PMInformation Desk OpenConcourse C
7:00 AM9:30 PMCoat Check OpenVIP Suite 106
7:00 AM8:00 PMAFCA Resource Center Open Provided by Coaches ChoiceConcourse C
8:00 AM5:00 PMMedia Office Open203B
8:00 AM5:00 PMTicket SalesConcourse C
9:00 AM5:00 PMExhibit Hall OpenExhibit Halls AB
9:00 AM5:00 PMRegistration Ð All MembersExhibit Halls AB
9:00 AM5:00 PMFoundation Booth OpenExhibit Halls AB
10:00 AM11:15 AMFellowship of Christian Athletes Worship ServiceHilton Carolina Hall
PDS10:00 AM4:30 PMAFCA Skills and Drills Field presented by VICISExhibit Hall C1
1:00 PM5:00 PMAthletic Equipment ManagerÕs Association (Open Event)Westin Providence Ballroom 1
HSCA2:00 PM2:50 PMChris Metzger, Pinecrest (N.C.) HS217
HSCA2:00 PM2:50 PMRich Hargitt, Southside (S.C.) HS213
HSCA3:00 PM3:50 PMAttacking Spread Offenses with the Stack - Kris Price, Keller (Texas) HS213
HSCA3:00 PM3:50 PMSean Manuel, UNLV217
HSCA4:00 PM4:50 PMNational HS Coaches Forum - Panelists - Dave Doeren, North Carolia State; Daniel Jackson, South Dakota State; Bill Kramer, Naples (Fla.) HS; Bob Colgate, NFHS217
4:00 PM4:50 PMFirst TimersÕ Meeting Ð Fred Farrier213
PDS5:00 PM5:50 PMKickoff Session Ð Clay Helton, USC; with special presentations by Operation Teammate and Taylor Hooton FoundationCrown Ballroom
5:30 PM7:30 PMNAIA Awards ReceptionWestin Providence Ballroom 3
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: CoordinatorÕs Philosophy/Offense - Brennan Marion, Howard 217CD
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: CoordinatorÕs Philosophy/Defense - TBACrown Ballroom
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Kicking Specialists - Brent Grablachoff, Kicking World216
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Quarterbacks - TBA217AB
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Wide Receivers - Justin Stepp, Arkansas213CD
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Tight Ends - Sherrone Moore, Central Michigan201
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Strength & Conditioning - Josh Nelson, Baylor202
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Converting Your Resume From Fourth-and-Long to First-and-Goal - Chris Fore, Victor Valley (Calif.) Junior College206
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Linebackers - Chris Marve, Vanderbilt208A
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Defensive Line - Marc Yellock, North Texas209
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Chalk War - Robert Valdez, St. James (La.) HS; Deno Campbell, DeMatha Catholic (Md.) HS210
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Running Backs - Jason Nichols, East Carolina211/212
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Defensive Backs - Marcus Woodson, Memphis213AB
PDS6:00 PM6:50 PMBuzz Session: Offensive Line - Matt Jones, Texas Southern218/219
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: CoordinatorÕs Philosophy/Defense - Matt Entz, North Dakota State217CD
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: CoordinatorÕs Philosophy/Offense - Andy Kotelnicki, BuffaloCrown Ballroom
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Special Teams - Fred Kelley, Sacramento State216
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Quarterbacks - Maurice Flowers, Fayetteville State217AB
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Wide Receivers - Gunter Brewer, North Carolina213CD
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Tight Ends - Andrew Sowder, San Jose State201
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Strength & Conditioning - Patrick Basil, Bryant202
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Quality of Life - Charles Scott206
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Linebackers - Todd Moebes, Abilene Cooper (Texas) High School208A
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Defensive Line - Marquase Lovings, Louisiana209
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Defensive Backs - Rod West, Richmond210
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Running Backs - Lamar Owens, Georgia Tech211/212
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Defensive Backs - Maurice Linguist, Minnesota213AB
PDS7:00 PM7:50 PMBuzz Session: Offensive Line - TBA218/219
8:00 PM9:30 PMAFCWA Couples Ice Cream Social presented by The Jason FoundationHilton Charlotte Hall
9:00 PM10:15 PMFellowship of Christian Athletes CoachesÕ HuddleHilton Carolina Hall

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