Stretch Y-Pop Play

X’s & O’s: Stretch Y-Pop

Sure, this may be one of the earliest plays you can possibly learn in the pee-wee passing game, but the tight-end pop pass coming out of a stretch play can still gain serious yardage in the seam and create big plays. It’s certainly one for your arsenal. Check out these X’s & O’s.

QBQuick stretch fake and find Y on pop
BFake stretch carry out fake
PSTRun stretch
PSGRun stretch
CRun stretch
BSGRun stretch
BSTRun stretch

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X’s & O’s diagrams are built using Just Play, a digital playbook and player learning platform designed to help teams better prepare to win. For more football-specific content and plays from Just Play Sports Solutions, follow @JustPlayFB and join the conversation today. 

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