Polar Team Pro Creates Ultimate Solution For Performance Tracking

Polar Team Pro combines GPS and motion tracking technology with heart rate monitoring to create the ultimate solution for player performance tracking in team sports. Follow your team’s training in real time on your iPad. Get invaluable and accurate training data for analysis for everyone in your coaching staff.  The Polar Team Pro system uses a sensor that collects live data from your team’s training and delivers it to the Team Pro app on your iPad. The sensor monitors heart rate and heart rate variability and tracks movement with GPS and motion sensor fusion technology. This sensor can easily be integrated into the Polar Team Pro shirt, which comes with integrated heart rate sensor material and a designated pocket for …

Sparta Science Unlocks The Data To Power Player Resilience & Availability To Minimize Injury

Assess prospective talent, identify injury risks and project future performance using the same scan technology used by the NFL Scouting Combine, Pro NFL and Collegiate Division I teams, with Sparta Science.

Culture Strength Provides Science-Based Character Development On Critical Issues

Culture Strength takes a complete approach to preventing misconduct and developing character. Their award-winning  Complete Strength Programs go beyond keeping football programs out of the headlines – they set up coaches with the help they need equip their players to live their most positive life.